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Can we really blame our parents? – DE RERUM NATURA By Maria Isabel Garcia – The Philippine Star » Business Features » Science and Technology

Pointing a finger definitely is the most convenient way of rerouting the blame for the many fuck ups we all have had and will continue to have.  Finally, the one pointed at mom and dad has been given scientific back up.  I can almost hear the triumphant jeers of teenagers.  The “Emo” trend paid off after all.

But seriously, given that our parents’ mishap did do us, the children, some sort of DNA malfunction or Methylation whatever, do we discount the fact that they got us through the vulnerable stages of our lives, flaws and all?

Most of the clear-headed people would probably just brush this off and put it in the “so what?” and “C’est la vie!” boxes.  That’s what we ought to do too! We are all dealt with our own set of cards to play with in the game of life. Personally, I push most of the buttons in mine.  When I hear someone over 21 years old bitch about mom and dad, it takes so much effort to stop myself from shoving a pacifier down his throat.

The day we stop drinking milk should be the day we start owning up our lives. Stones may come hurling once in a while, learn to catch or duck and please stop whining; just live!