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Sept. 24 – Oct 1 2011 is Banned Books Week 

It is defiance that shapes civilizations.  A culture of prudes is not only a boring bunch but quite sadly and most likely slow on progress too.  Imagine our country with out having had a Noli Me Tangere.  Art, literature to be exact has long fanned the fires of passion in us.  Thus, making it a catalyst  for wanting change.

These eccentric writers, often branded insane, perhaps sacrificed their sanity to produce their work.  Most of them did not live long enough to receive the credit that society owes them.

In celebration of the freedom of speech my ancestors had strongly fought for and I so thankfully enjoy, I dare defy CENSORSHIP in all its form!

No one can tell me what to write and what to read!

Banned books are listed in Google Books and Wikipedia for Government Banned Books.

I’m reading Rabbit, Run by John Updike.  How about you?