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Getting lost in reverie was my favorite pastime.  In my 30 minutes of idle time, I will have already pieced together an intricately colorful and romantically charged 10 years of my soon to be life.  After surviving a heartbreak too many, I stopped dreaming and envisioning my own version of a fairytale.  Reality is a bitch and daydreaming is an addiction I had to stop – cold turkey.

It is blatantly unfair to contrast the people you meet and the experiences you have encountered with a made up notion of what ought to be.  I soon realized that continuing to juxtapose reality and allegory was degrading my life.  Everything about my reality was matte and boring because of this purely fiction of a life I conjured up and wanted to live by.  If I had not woken up sooner, I would have already crossed the border of sanity.

I have come to a resolve that the ways to live are  to stay grounded and to constantly – i mean as often as you possibly can – do reality checks.  Do these make you cynical?  If done right and with a good set of companions as support system, I think the worst that could happen is for you to be just slightly bitter, but definitely not cynical.