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But I should be happy, smiling and cheerful.

I hate to start my writing with a negative conjunction. It does not feel right, the mood is off and outright argumentative. However, let me go on to justify that any attempt to neutralize negative vibes should be beyond the ambit of any compulsive editor.

I do not want to think this over and I have no way of describing today other than “Sad-ish”. And so come my poem of the moment.

Invisible powers animates
Those as fleeting as the tides
The strength of pull and violence of push
Leave the shore with Trinkets,
Rough, shiny and precious alike
I, shoreline wanderer,
Picked up hands full of incomparable finds

As they danced with delight
Trying to settle upon my hands
Another swish of the incorrigible waves
Topples them from my loose grasps

Never mine, never will be,
These fancy Trinkets that make me happy
Fleeting as they twirl and swirl with the tides
I am watching, hoping
Someday they brush my fingers once more
And reckon the hands that held them once upon a wave of fate.