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Lets just say that last night, the amount of attention I gave to fine wine was rewarded with insight, realizations, and of course, the customary morning after headache. You see, Im the type of drunk who goes bravado when I have obviously had a wee bit too much of the good stuff. There’s just something about fine wine that coaxes the snob in me to pop out. Thank God I had never been with bad company, not that I would ever want it otherwise, or I will have been that standout annoying wreck everyone wants to gag for talking way too much for anyone with a normal pair of ears to handle.

And just exactly like what Katy Perry said, it’s all a blur last night. I remember a company of friends and family, a glass of Merlot and 3 bottles of Sauvignon Blanc all South African wines, talking in English, an unfinished cup of coffee, transferring to Tonyo’s, expressing my contempt for Mojito’s, and I think I interviewed some guy about how he lost weight and solicited advice on how not to eat rice and not get depressed over it. All of this, just right before puked, tried to fight the alcohol taking over my head, puked some more and finally decided I cant take the world spinning around like that as if I was in a merry-go-round themed nightmare.

I could only hope that with all the gibberish I was talking about, I spoke my mind well and that who ever was listening got some good out of it. As far as I’m concerned though, anything containing alcohol is banned from getting near my olfactory system lest I be reminded of the fine wine I barfed up. I hate to waste good stuff like that.