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Gin-pomelo, Winston, back-door passage ways, hitch-hiking and fabricated schooldays make up a mere 50% of my dare devil highschool days and I dont even have a conduct rating below B.  I am of course speaking for myself only.  To my friends, go make and sign your own self incriminating declarations.  This one here is mine.

Little Miss Prim and Proper

Me?  No, not even near.  However, I probably have been given all the ingredients necessary to mold me into becoming one. Forever in a Sectarian school, some people really think that is all there is to producing a fine young lady.  Sorry to burst your bubble folks, but sluts and addicts are also bred in the same pool where little miss virgin does her required laps.  Trusting your children to the hawk-like watchful eyes of the religious and prudent does not guarantee anything.  Sometimes, parents really need to put on the kind of shoes only they could fit in.  Money, despite lots of it, will never fill in the gaping holes brought about by not being “hands on”.  As consequence thereof, incidents like underage drinking, teen pregnancy, drug abuse and the dreaded bikini photographs will come naturally.  But these happen every generation, not that you don’t already know.

What do I know?

Highschool has not been that long ago.  If my memory serves me right, teachers and school administration are really most of the time clueless of most of the “violations” done by students.  Worse, they usually find out from the designated tattletales and snitches that come with every brood.  Adolescents will be adolescents, control is beyond them especially when their peers reward them with approving jeers and those they are in cahoots with put them on a pedestal in the intricate social system called teenage life. I know membership in gangs and fraternities will be a recurring issue.  Trust me, I know this.

Punishment and Sanctions

Those two words kept me sane and although my friends and I were treading the borderlines of the rules, the fear of my parent’s disappointments was far more unnerving than any shrill name-calling and eraser-throwing teacher.  Some desperate to avoid breaking bad news to their parents even considered hiring actors to stand in as parents.  The standing motto was:  Try your hardest not to get caught.

Now comes the STC vs Bikini clad students issue.  I would have thought the punishment was disproportionate to the violation done however, if the rumors of underage drinking and smoking were true and thus added to the equation, I think the penalty imposed was just proper.  Parents pay a hefty sum to the schools for their signature breeding and discipline.  Its funny that when the school seem to be doing their job correctly, some people just don’t know how to be grateful.

Im not being a prude or being miss perfect or miss know-it-all.  lm just saying.