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A fun-loving intelligent orphan girl was chosen to pursue her dreams of being a writer by an unknown benefactor.  What ensued all throughout her education was a steady correspondence that is full of heart-warming love and care.

  • set during the early 1900’s
  • women empowerment had just started
  • cinderella story
  • love and gratitude
  • friendship


I ponder on:

Women’s rights

I am grateful to have been born in an era where women can basically do whatever they want without fear of persecution.  How crazy and sad it will be if burning at the stake is still practiced.  I shudder at the thought of being called demeaning names simply because I wear trousers or that I speak my mind without the need to be recognized by the men or elderly.  The likes of me wouldn’t last beyond the toddler years with all the no-no’s of past centuries.

Men and women can never be best friends

I stand by this theory.  Best friends do things together ALL the time.  I have learned that too much proximity with the opposite sex triggers nature to override the mindset that you are “just friends”.

Romantic compatibility

I agree with Judy when she said that it is fatal for lovers to have an antagonistic senses of humor towards each other.  You have to laugh at the same things apart from just liking each other to have a flourishing relationship.

Controlling men

They are everywhere!  It does have a romantic ring to it when a girl lets her man decide on somethings that concern her.  However I would like to limit the controlling part to just who holds the TV remote control on sports nights.