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 inpraiseofwolvesA loving in-depth study of a pack of wolves.  A narration of trust, kindness, and family ties that transcend the species.

  • documentary
  • animal behavior
  • animal and human connections
  • superiority of man

Thoughts About the Book

I rarely get engrossed over non-fiction because of the apparent boring narrations.  However, In Praise of Wolves captured me the moment the researcher had such lovely words for these wild animals – the wolves.  They (wolves) were never treated like pets or live specimens.  Mr. Lawrence and his wife showed the world how wolves are magnificent creatures that exhibit great intelligence and complex social interactions.  Its amazing how much animals have been a strong influence to our behavior.

Superiority Complex

All these years we humans assert our superiority over all species – land, air or sea.  We lay claim over everything we could possibly abuse.  All we do is consume our world yet other animals like wolves have a way of sacrificing themselves to restore nature’s balance in their habitat.

We are so smart,  that we seem to have forgotten the basics of how to connect and be one with the earth.