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I was never technically single the past five years. My participation in late night parties, food binges with friends and rowdiness with my cohorts were never without the consequential feelings of reluctance and guilt. You are never truly single if you have these sentiments the instance you give in to the slightest indulgence.

The first year of the commitment, I wanted to just run as far away as possible. It was of course too late because I have already fallen hard. And just like every other striving relationship, although I had failed to conquer those moments of having succumbed to human weakness, I pushed to persevere. My mini emotional breakdowns became the norm. Holding on to the hope that everything will not be for naught.  At every breaking stress point, I only had God’s grace to ask for.  Five years was all bitter and sweet and savory in one tumultuous mixture.  All of that five year relationship was nothing short of volatile.

However, five years was merely the period to get to first base. Now, we are on to the second stage and the game is on for endurance. And just maybe in a year or so, we could finally seal the deal and get it all officially on paper.