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One day, the sun just hit him at such a perfect angle

He literally sparkled for a second

And that crucial second lingered

By the corner of my poor blurry left eye

From there on I knew

Einstein’s theory of relativity was true


That quick second was enough

To put Cinderella’s fairtytale to shame

I’ve crafted and cemented for us

Our own intricate story to tell

He’ll love his part in it, just wait and see

I will write his love for me


In our story, I’m no princess

Of course he’s no prince

He does still carry with him

A sword simply out of whim

And I tucked away in the deep dark

With having no one, loneliness is my mark


Carving pictures of nameless flowers

Using a unique set of fingernails – nay, talons

He hears my voice

While I spew out abominable incantations

To deity he does not know

He hears my chants and the night he ploughs


Eager to know what others were scared about

He finds me by the lake, breathing out fire

I stare at the Moon, my usual act of suspension from time

Next to him, the Moon lost her ardor

and I was in a trance no more

Suddenly the darkness and silence I no longer abhor


That tiny sparkle, this explorer had

The incandescence of the Moon, he outclassed

He radiated with a kind of warmth

So enough, I thought I can now stop burning forests with sighs

I can now put an end to the mounding garden of ashes

And just maybe I stop all my violent unconscious painful thrases


I am the careless, reckless dragon, and he, an off-duty knight

Bored by all the whiny royals, full of spite

His job was to pay homage and bow

Ducking his head so low to hide his scowl

His had enough of grace and beauty

So full of it he tells me


It’s almost festal

How they swoon and faint

As his blunt sword is drawn out

In an attempt to protect them and a lot of their maids

He comes to me, at my place by the lake

I blow him fire to sharpen his sword

I muster a strength I usually could not afford


He does not know

Ever since he came, he’s been my fuel

For this dragonlady can only weave fire

From the lips and life-force of a lover

And this night when the Moon is full and cooperating

We both will howl at her so loud people will think heaven is cursing