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  1. I’m a hoarder. – lipstick, books and bags.
  2. I’m very partial to red, white and green.  It’s as if I’m blind to other colors.
  3. I order the same food on the menu in any given restaurant.  I trust my instincts (taste buds+olfactory nerves) mor than I’d like to experiment on what goes with what.
  4. I am not a moderate drinker.
  5. I am on my best guard when I’ve had drinks.  Getting me drunk will not get you any where unless I really wanted to go there.
  6. I joke like a 15-year old bully.  Your flaws will be laughed at but I really have no intention to offend you.  I laugh – without remorse at things I find funny.  You are a jerk if you get angry.
  7. I have no sense of art/creativity.  I find burnt edges beautiful though.
  8. I talk to strangers and often do the initiative too.
  9. If I’m not on-time, I am late.  I will never be too early.
  10. I will bite you, without warning, in public.
  11. I will demand leg massages even in public transportation.
  12. I shout a lot especially when I’m bewildered.
  13. I don’t care if I’m wrong or right, I will say anything that piques my interest.

Precisely why I’m a handful, I will tell you more than what you need to know.  Just like this list of 10 things, it turned out to be 13.