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Getting older

The stroke of 2015 felt very different.  As if the magic wand or the pixie dust that sustained my notion of the world got decommissioned.  Boom! Blam!  I am now awakened in to a reality that is not very friendly to people like me who overstayed in Wonderland.

I no longer had the luxury of spacing out whenever I want to.  The usual haze in my vision is now replaced by the sparkle of an environment I am not at all alien to and yet, everything shines a new.  My own personal bubble shield has burst and I right now my brain is trying to keep up with the onslaught of neurons waking up from a bad case of sniffing too much glitter.

So this is how it feels to bloom into adulthood.  There is so much fear in this reality, I will not be held back by them.  #kumbati2015